Artsmatic Weekly Newsletter- January 16-20, 2019

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As usual there are Artsmatic events happening this weekend including some with free entry.

Did you stumble on this or you are not sure if alternative events is your thing, you can find out this weekend by attending the free events.

All you have to do is show up, and you might be surprised to have the time of your life!
See more information on the events below

Akin Euba tribute concert at MUSON centre

Jogbo- the stage play is just another name for the West African country of Nigeria, which has been ravaged by leaders who loot the coffers and collude with foreigners and multinational companies to rob their nation and fellow citizens blind, and stash their ill gotten gain abroad in the Western world, but in the end they pay for their sins one way or the other through the intervention of the women of AWU, The Abeokuta women’s union.

Old skool groove Thursday at Freedom Park (17th January 2019 from 7pm)

The Sade at 60 tribute

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